About DGL

Welcome to DGL Creative! I’m David, a freelance designer and art director. The variety of work I undertake is colossal. One day, I’m whipping up key art for the next blockbuster, and the next, I’m crafting a killer brand for a new start-up.

No matter the project, I bring award-winning creativity, business savvy, and a dash of technological wizardry to make your brand shine and your profits soar. Whether it’s designing stunning visuals, plotting out a marketing masterplan, creating unique branding and logos, developing sleek websites, or diving into the thrilling realms of videography, animation, and even A.I., I’ve got you covered.

Why did I start DGL Creative? To spread my design gospel across the UK and help folks like you catapult your projects to new heights. Plus, it’s a perfect playground for my own creative escapades.

That’s the mission I embarked on, and it’s one I’m excited to continue. So, let’s make some magic together. I can’t wait to get started with you!

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