About DGL

DGL Creative was set up in May 2012 by me, David (George) Laird.

Working from my home studio in Northampton, the work I undertake is incredibly varied. One day I can be developing a website for a business start-up or creating a movie poster for the latest British blockbuster, the next I am launching a new business or collaborating with other like-minded people on various projects.

Whatever the job, I aim to combine award-winning creativity and business knowledge with intelligent strategy and cutting-edge technology to get your brands (and mine) noticed as well as improving your bottom line. This can be done through devising a marketing strategy or developing a new website, branding and logo creation or the exciting world of animation and visual effects.

My motivation behind setting up DGL Creative was to offer my 18 years of experience to businesses all over the UK and help them catapult their brand to the next level, as well as forming a hub for my own exciting projects.

That is what I believe I have done and will continue to keep doing.

Achievements and Awards